Our community has ordered hundreds of brick pavers to be placed in Morrison Garden or our Meditation Garden in honor or memory of a loved one.  We are currently working on getting all of the bricks in to areas where they are visible and can be enjoyed by family and friends when they visit our gardens.  We are also working on a directory to make locating bricks easier. Keep checking back to follow the progress.  For more information on our pavers, or how to order one for a loved one, call (910)276-7176.
Anne Clark Williams - Sec A
Anne No Evils - Sec A
Bill and Martha Blue - Sec A
Bula and Bena - Sec A
Bunny Lancaster - Sec A
Chares D Smith (Mr. & Mrs.) - Sec A
Charles and Virginia Smith - Sec A
Chris McLean - Sec A
Daniel Mason Hooks - Sec A
David Williams - Sec A
David Williams - Sec A
Doc Little Emma - Sec A
Ellen Burnette Sue Ellen and Pam - Sec A
Emma McInnis - Sec A
Employees of Wallace Trucking - Sec A
Frank W Lea - Sec A
Gladys T Norton - Sec A
Grandaddy Brandon, Ryne, Blake, and Chase - Sec A
Granny Anne Granny Camp Kids - Sec A
H & K Fulton - Sec A
Hewitt Fulton - Sec A
Jim Cooley - Sec A
Jim Mason III - Sec A
Joseph Carey Tharrington - Sec A
Josh Dormegan - Sec A
Kaye Lea Gibson - Sec A
Linda Paschal - Sec A
Lucille B Benton - Sec A
Lucille Benton - Sec A
Margaret and Horace McInnis - Sec A
Mary Louise Lancaster - Sec A
Maw & Papa Little Emma - Sec A
Maw & Papa Tripp - Sec A
Memaw - Sec A
Nancy Willard - Sec A
Parents of Loma and Donald McQueen - Sec A
Robert B Lancaster - Sec A
Roy Matheny Purser - Sec A
Ruby Gibson - Sec A
Ruth Blue Purser - Sec A
Ruth Blue Tharrington - Sec A
Sam and Sarah Evans - Sec A
Sandra Wallace - Sec A
Sue Ellen Parrish Brandon and Blake - Sec A
Susan Jones - Sec A
Taki and Louise Andriadis - Sec A
Thomas E Benton - Sec A
Uncle Gene Sue Ellen and Pam - Sec A
W L Biggs - Sec A
Wendy Smith - Sec A
Allie McLendon - Sec B
Anne Josephine McGilvray - Sec B
Cecil Bowyer - Sec B
Estelle Snowdon Brown - Sec B
Eugene Dukes - Sec B
Furman Chavis - Sec B
Gilbert and Maggie Clark - Sec B
Kathleen "Katie" Byrd - Sec B
Kim Bowyer - Sec B
Kim Bowyer Guy Boyd - Sec B
Leta F Gibson - Sec B
Leta Gibson - Sec B
Lin Bratcher - Sec B
Marcella Rachels - Sec B
Margie Gibson Claude Gibson - Sec B
Martha Tornow - Sec B
Mary Gilbert McKenzie - Sec B
Mary Joanna Gibson - Sec B
Mary Odom - Sec B
Nannie Bell Smart - Sec B
Nelson and Margaret West - Sec B
O C Miller - Sec B
Patsy Smith - Sec B
Percy Rachels - Sec B
Ralph and Bette Parker - Sec B
Rick Lemmond - Sec B
Robin Debnam - Sec B
Rosemary Lemmond - Sec B
Sam T Snowdon III - Sec B
Sayle Brown - Sec B
Shirley Arnold - Sec B
Alma Presnell Coble - Sec C
Andy and Ann Williamson - Sec C
Anne Clark Williams - Sec C
Bill and Carolyn Fitzgerald - Sec C
Bob and Sibyle Dulin - Sec C
Catherine Gulledge - Sec C
Charles Smith Stanford Edminson Jerome Gaines - Sec C
Craig and Pat Ellis - Sec C
E C Wright Eloise Wright - Sec C
Eleanor Marie Smith - Sec C
Elizabeth Guy Forester - Sec C
F H Simmons Jr (Mr. and Mrs.) - Sec C
Frank Gulledge - Sec C
James Crane - Sec C
Jim and Ruby Crane - Sec C
John H Coble - Sec C
John H Coble Jr. - Sec C
Julian and Clara Butler - Sec C
Leo Cleveland "Pig" Miller - Sec C
Lois Woodcock - Sec C
Luke Marcello - Sec C
Mary Childress - Sec C
Mary Margaret Todd - Sec C
Mldred Snowdon Drs. B&C Maynor - Sec C
Nan Turner - Sec C
Nancy S Fairly - Sec C
R Michael Sexton (Mr. and Mrs.) - Sec C
Roy E Parnell - Sec C
Ruth Bradley McIlwain - Sec C
Scotia Village Residents - Sec C
Scotland County Association of Military Retirees - Sec C
Sharon Reynolds John Reynolds (Mr. & Mrs.) - Sec C
Sidney Smith Jr. - Sec C
Spencer Childress - Sec C
Woodmen of the World - Sec C
Al and Irene Burgess - Sec D
Anna Donaldson - Sec D
Anne C Williams - Sec D
Arthur Anderson - Sec D
Bill and Deane Phillips Walton, Kate and David Will and Meg - Sec D
Bill and Deane Phillips Walton, Kate and David Will and Meg - Sec D
Catherine and Penny McLaurin - Sec D
David James Myers, Sr - Sec D
David No Evils - Sec D
David Williams - Sec D
Deane Phillips - Sec D
Deercroft Ladies G.A. - Sec D
Dena Henschen - Sec D
Dot Swindell - Sec D
Elizabeth McLaurin - Sec D
Ernest C Daniels - Sec D
Frank D. Cooper - Sec D
Frank Freeman - Sec D
Fred A Jarrett - Sec D
Fred B Quick - Sec D
Gibson Ladies Auxilary - Sec D
Golden K Kiwanis Club - Sec D
Home and Garden Club - Sec D
Hospice Staff - Sec D
Irma O Arline - Sec D
James Walter Wentz - Sec D
John F & John M McLaurin - Sec D
John Franklin McLaurin - Sec D
Joseph Jordan - Sec D
Josephine Benton - Sec D
Julia S Weavil - Sec D
Kate and David Gibbons - Sec D
LeGette McLean (Mr. & Mrs.) - Sec D
Mabel House - Sec D
Martha Jean Bracey - Sec D
Melvin Sellers - Sec D
Olly Costner Mozelle Parker - Sec D
Rev Kyle and Cindy Batson Polly Costner - Sec D
Robert Q Koch, Sr - Sec D
Ruby Chavis - Sec D
Ruby Gibson - Sec D
Sam and Joyce Covington - Sec D
Victoria B Quick - Sec D
W.T. Webb - Sec D
Andy Greene - Sec E
Ann McInnis - Sec E
Ann S. McInnis - Sec E
Archie & Ethel McLaughlin - Sec E
Austin & Adam Clark - Sec E
Brenda Dow - Sec E
Cattell Mittleman - Sec E
Cora McCallum - Sec E
Emily Smith Lodygowski - Sec E
Ester Mae McRay - Sec E
Ethel McLaughlin - Sec E
Jacob Daniel Teixeria - Sec E
Jane Bounds - Sec E
Jule and Henry - Sec E
Kelly Ivey - Sec E
Loretta McKeithen - Sec E
Mary Geneta Smith - Sec E
Paulette M. Smith - Sec E
Richard Williams - Sec E
Ruth Smith Holcomb - Sec E
Tom Bray - Sec E
A.V. Townsend - Sec F
B.P. Lytch - Sec F
B.W. "Mac" McLaurin - Sec F
Bassil Gentry - Sec F
Charles L. Patterson - Sec F
Charles Lee Patterson - Sec F
Don Hardy - Sec F
Dora Locklear - Sec F
Dorothy McCormick - Sec F
James M. Currin - Sec F
John and Sarah Fletcher - Sec F
Luther & Irma Wesley - Sec F
Mable Bullard - Sec F
Mr. Sam - Sec F
Myrtle Long - Sec F
Nell Fletcher - Sec F
Nell Fletcher - Sec F
Pat Gentry - Sec F
Phoebe Fitzner - Sec F
Ralph "Buck" Lassiter - Sec F
Sharon Duffy - Sec F
Sharon Duffy LSC - Sec F
Virginia Latham - Sec F
Cassie - Sec G
Galilee United Methodist Women - Sec G
George W. Pate - Sec G
George W. Pate - Sec G
James Medlin - Sec G
John Clayton - Sec G
Lacy Gilbert, Jr. - Sec G
Lois Norris - Sec G
Love and Life - Sec G
Martha Luellen - Sec G
Martha Luellen - Sec G
Martha Luellen - Sec G
Mary Harding - Sec G
Mary Harding - Sec G
Missy and Clintonia - Sec G
Nina Poe - Sec G
Sara Sellers - Sec G
The Gill House - Sec G
Vernon and Ann Walters - Sec G
W.M. Robey - Sec G
W.P. Wells, Sr - Sec G
W.P. Wells, Sr - Sec G
A.T. "Buddy" Harris - Sec H
A.V. Townsend - Sec H
Bill Terry - Sec H
Bright Hopewell Baptist Church - Sec H
Cade Braswell - Sec H
Ce Ce Ingram - Sec H
Clara King - Sec H
Council Melvin - Sec H
Council Melvin - Sec H
Dorothy McCormick - Sec H
GMA Cynthia GGMA Clara - Sec H
Lois McGill - Sec H
Mable Bryant Bullard - Sec H
Mary Bailey - Sec H
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Floyd - Sec H
Pat Ellis - Sec H
Rev. Garland Pierce - Sec H
Robert, Larry, John W., Bobby, and Leroy - Sec H
Sandra - Sec H
Scotland Men's Social Club Milton, Otis - Sec H
Scott Collie - Sec H
Skip Reep - Sec H
Alice Cook - Sec I
Allen Rehrig - Sec I
Aunt Kate - Sec I
Benitha & Cecil Weeks - Sec I
Bessie Nance - Sec I
Bob Martin - Sec I
Bob Martin - Sec I
Bonnie Hudson - Sec I
Braxton & Nettie Ellis - Sec I
Bright Hopewell Baptist Church - Sec I
Bruce Koch - Sec I
Bunny Lancaster - Sec I
C.D. Robinson - Sec I
C.D. Robinson - Sec I
Carl Hegwer - Sec I
Carl House - Sec I
Christine Hines - Sec I
Connie Thompson - Sec I
David Fletcher - Sec I
Doris Balliet - Sec I
Dr. & Mrs. Ben Tatum - Sec I
Dr. Brad Bethel - Sec I
Ed & Florence Ray - Sec I
Ed & Florence Ray - Sec I
Elizabeth Young - Sec I
Ellis Anne Sahhar - Sec I
Emma McInnis - Sec I
Ethel Braswell - Sec I
Ethel McLean - Sec I
Eva Taylor - Sec I
Furman Chavis - Sec I
Gene Hopkins - Sec I
George Page - Sec I
Gibson Book Club - Sec I
Gibson Friendly Club - Sec I
Harry Howell - Sec I
Helen Adams - Sec I
Herman Pracht - Sec I
Hyder Massey Sr - Sec I
Irene Bruce - Sec I
James Ervin Gibson - Sec I
Jane Gibson - Sec I
Jennifer and Ouss Sahhar - Sec I
Jo McLaurin - Sec I
Lee Howell - Sec I
Libby & Mark Lewis - Sec I
Linda McQueen - Sec I
Mary Wall & Jim Sutherland - Sec I
Milton and Lillie Burns - Sec I
Mr. Sharber - Sec I
Odessa Jones - Sec I
Odessa Jones - Sec I
Papa Chavis - Sec I
Patricia Ellen Sahhar - Sec I
Pauline Gruver - Sec I
Pauline Noll - Sec I
Percy Ammons - Sec I
Pete & Lessie Taylor - Sec I
Pete & Lessie Taylor - Sec I
Pete Pearson - Sec I
Pete Pearson - Sec I
Prentice Teal - Sec I
Richard & Frances Phillips - Sec I
Ruth Horn - Sec I
Sally Kate Teal - Sec I
Sam McInnis - Sec I
Samuel and Marie McCormick - Sec I
Sandra Wallace - Sec I
Scottish Twirlers - Sec I
Steve Sharber - Sec I
Sunny Norton - Sec I
Ted & Catherine Rogers - Sec I
Tim Olthoff - Sec I
Valeria Beck - Sec I
Will and Meg Phillips - Sec I
Willie Lee Margaret West - Sec I
Aileen Grambling McGill - Sec J
Alan Bisbee - Sec J
Alfred L Smith - Sec J
Andy & Leigh Ingram - Sec J
Ann Marie Mason - Sec J
Anna McMillan - Sec J
Barbara Saseen - Sec J
Barbara Saseen - Sec J
Bill Taylor - Sec J
Birdie Bunch - Sec J
Blanche C. Blackwelder - Sec J
Bob & Anne Jones - Sec J
Bob Wood - Sec J
Bonnie Tippett Caulk Family - Sec J
Carl Hegwer - Sec J
Chalmers Morrison - Sec J
Curtis Ramsey - Sec J
D.C. Skeet Evans - Sec J
Dame Cicely Saunders - Sec J
Dick Brown - Sec J
Discipleship Sunday School Class - SBC - Sec J
Donald Jordan - Sec J
Donald Locklear - Sec J
Douglas Polston - Sec J
Dr. Brad Faulkenberry - Sec J
Dr. J. Grady Locklear - Sec J
Edward Foxworth - Sec J
G. Koerperich Bingo Group - Sec J
Gladys Hill Johnson - Sec J
Harris Teeter - Sec J
Helen & Curt Ramsey - Sec J
J.P. & Bertha Locklear - Sec J
Jack Sanders - Sec J
James D. Wilson - Sec J
Joe H. Dosier - Sec J
John A. Clayton - Sec J
John Clayton Lee & Janet Morgan - Sec J
John Rasmussen - Sec J
Katie Dawkins Brigman - Sec J
Kay Stewart - Sec J
Leslie Woodell - Sec J
Lillian Warner - Sec J
Lindo Harvell - Sec J
Lou Parnell Blackwelder - Sec J
Lula Mae Polston - Sec J
M. Koerperich - Sec J
M. Koerperich Bingo Group - Sec J
Margaret Ivey West - Sec J
Martha Tornow - Sec J
Marvin Woodell - Sec J
Mary H. Harvell - Sec J
Mary Harding - Sec J
Otis Welch - Sec J
Peggy P. Buie - Sec J
Phil Anderson - Sec J
Phyllis Smith - Sec J
Raymond W. Bethel, Sr. - Sec J
Richard Bullard - Sec J
Robert & Vivian Morrison - Sec J
Roy Luellen - Sec J
Ruth McIlwain - Sec J
Sam Butler - Sec J
Sara Sellers - Sec J
Sara Sellers - Sec J
Sara Sellers - Sec J
Sara Sellers - Sec J
Sarah Townsend - Sec J
Thomas Leonhardt - Sec J
Tommie Bullard - Sec J
Utilee Surles Edge - Sec J
W.E. "Bill" Johnson - Sec J
W.G. Alvertia McMann - Sec J
William R. Faulkenberry - Sec J
Anne Jones - Sec M
Anne Jones - Sec M
Annie Rider - Sec M
Bill Hudson - Sec M
Bill Moser - Sec M
Bob Martin - Sec M
Christian Morris - Sec M
Curt McCaskill - Sec M
Daniel Neill Shaw, Sr. - Sec M
Doris Cummins Discipleship SS Class - SBC - Sec M
Doris Smith - Sec M
Doris Smith - Sec M
Dr. David A. Williams - Sec M
Eleanor Reynolds - Sec M
Elizabeth Skeadas - Sec M
George Edward Adams - Sec M
Granny Camp Kids - Sec M
Guy & Carol Spears - Sec M
Jane Tornow McNair Tornow - Sec M
Laurinburg Newcomers Club - Sec M
Lindo Harvell - Sec M
Lloyd Curtis "Curt" McCaskill, Jr. - Sec M
Margaret English - Sec M
Neal & Myrtle Watson - Sec M
Rev. Otis McMillan - Sec M
W.F. & Mildred Caulder - Sec M
Betty Everette - Sec N
Betty Rising - Sec N
Bobby Locklear - Sec N
Bunny Lancaster - Sec N
Carlene Willis - Sec N
Carolyn Chandler - Sec N
Chrystelle Inman - Sec N
D.D. Newton, Sr. - Sec N
Dan and Chrystelle Inman - Sec N
Dannie Oates, Jr. Joan Oates - Sec N
Donald Currie - Sec N
Dr. Brad Bethel - Sec N
Emma McInnis - Sec N
Emma McInnis - Sec N
Ernest Hash - Sec N
Ernest Hash - Sec N
Ernest Hash - Sec N
Ginger Cousins - Sec N
Grover Taylor - Sec N
H.C. "Cub" Gardner - Sec N
J.C. Johnson - Sec N
Jean Vereen, Ernest, Rebecca, Sylvia, Bill - Sec N
Laurinburg Newcomers Club - Sec N
Lavada Jordan - Sec N
Lawrence S. McNeil - Sec N
Lawrence, Kelley and Joseph Teixeira - Sec N
Linda Fletcher - Sec N
Linda McQueen - Sec N
Loretta McKeithen - Sec N
Louise Leach - Sec N
Margaret - Sec N
Marie Essey Rizk - Sec N
Marie, Eleanor, Chandler, and Jeanell - Sec N
Marvin Faust - Sec N
Mary Daniels - Sec N
Mildred McKenzie - Sec N
Mozelle Parker - Sec N
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Inman - Sec N
Mr. B.D. Williams - Sec N
Myrtle Baxley Burdell - Sec N
Myrtle Watson - Sec N
Nub Horton - Sec N
Pam Reed - Sec N
Percy Rachels, Jr. - Sec N
Percy Rachels, Sr. - Sec N
Phil Anderson - Sec N
Phil Anderson - Sec N
Phillip M. Essey, Sr. - Sec N
Rosevelt & Mae Sessoms - Sec N
Ruby Gibson - Sec N
Sarah Ray Hamer - Sec N
Sarah Ray Hamer - Sec N
Scotland Chiropractic Clinic - Sec N
Scotland County Association of Military Retirees - Sec N
Teresa Robinson - Sec N
Tom Sholes - Sec N
Utilee Edge - Sec N
William Eugene Vareen - Sec N

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